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When I wrote this, I thought about the images of me and my siblings, and then the photos of me with baby Huntington – that transition speaks volumes

Over the years, my family has amassed a hefty archive of photographs – everything from holiday photo shoots, to graduations, weddings, and most recently, the birth of my first child. More than remembering what we looked like, these photographs extract the essence of ourselves. Beyond mere pictures, they have defined us.

To see photographs of myself and my siblings in adolescence reveals our respective natures and personality. It is a pure joy to review and reminisce on these times because of the simple truth these photographs share. For every bit that we have grown, we still hold on to the values captured in these snapshots.

The circle of life, you could say, was completed with the photographs of my newborn son. Every time I look upon these images, I am gripped by the overwhelming happiness emanating from each and every person. Whenever I see his face in these pictures, I begin to well up, and I can once again experience all of the emotions of becoming a father for the first time. I will forever be indebted to Paul for his ability to capture life as it was, and in many respects, as it will be. He has provided me and my family with eternal, heartfelt memory.

- Hunter Simmons
San Diego, Ca

Tu trabajo me deja sin palabras

Your work leaves me speechless
Best quality ever
Awesome pictures that is very hard to choose
I really wish you the best of luck and I hope you continue to photo shoot our family in all our special occasions

Tu trabajo me deja sin palabras
La mejor calidad jamás
Fotos impresionantes que es muy difícil de elegir
Realmente le deseo la mejor de las suertes y espero que continúe para fotografiar a nuestra familia en todas nuestras ocasiones especiales


We are so fortunate to have had Paul document year after year how our family has changed and grown

We have been so privileged to work with Paul for the past 10 years during which he has documented the biggest moments of our lives our engagement our wedding and the addition to our family of our four children His photos are hung throughout our home and are truly some of our most treasured family heirlooms

We are so fortunate to have had Paul document year after year how our family has changed and grown— these are photographs and memories that we will have and cherish forever.

- Kelly Weber
Menlo Park, Ca

Thank you for the memories

When we were looking for a photographer I wanted one that would connect with my daughter and be as natural as possible. We did not want very many posed photographs we were looking for memories Paul gave us that and more. We gave him free reign.

Every time we look at the photographs the feelings of joy and happiness flood us as if the wedding was yesterday. Thank you for the memories.

Killen, Alabama

Annie Leibovitz was busy.
So we hired Paul Barnett.

Annie Leibovitz was busy.
So we hired Paul Barnett.

That was over 12 years ago.
One wedding and four grandchildren ago.
12,000 photos.

Years from now our children and grandchildren
will look and smile and remember the love we had

- Barbara Kaplan
Wynnewood, PA

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