Pre-wedding jitters? Don’t worry. It’s a good thing!

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Date: May 4, 2016

Almost every bride we work with feels the same knot in their stomach minutes before their wedding ceremony.  And for good reason… It’s not because they don’t want to marry.  It’s simply that they are the “Show”.


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Imagine the one or two minutes before you walk down the aisle. Your mind is spinning as all the preparations, all the months of planning, dress shopping, floral appointments, engagement photo shoots, hair and make up trials have built up to one of life’s most precious moments.  You stand ready for the doors to open, or for your wedding planner to whisper “Go ahead”.  Your dad smiles as you take his arm.  You avoid his eyes because you don’t want to cry.  The music swells!  Your music, the music you chose.  Goosebumps, short breath… the doors open, and there they are… a sea of people, beaming at you!  Your eyes sweep left to right, down the aisle and back again.  So many faces all at once.  You know them, you love them all, and they love you.  No offense to your beloved, but few are staring at the groom. Nobody says, “Oh, look at Alex, I think he’s wearing Tom Ford”.







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As this is your red carpet moment, here’s a few suggestions that will help your nerves, and most importantly, help you enjoy and remember such a treasured day.






•    Surround yourself with good people energy:  We all have an annoying friend or relative. Keep them distant before the ceremony.


•    Two drink max, before the ceremony.  Three drinks and you’ll get the wonky eye.  Four drinks and you won’t remember walking down the aisle!


•    Before you start walking, breath in deep and take a mental picture of your guests smiling back at you.  It is likely the last and only time your close friends and family will all be together in one place at the same time.


•    Walk slow, smile big, breath and soak it all in.








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