3 Must-Do’s for Hosting an Epic Wedding Reception

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Date: March 5, 2016

The writer *David Sedaris once said, “every gathering has its moment”.  Wedding receptions certainly have their “moment”.




Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the perfect balance of great music, dynamic lighting, tasty food and perhaps, a couple strong cocktails.  Now imagine yourself and your new life partner on the dance floor surrounded by your most loved family and friends.  This is it.  This is your wedding’s emotional crescendo.  This is what you’ve planned for.  All the effort, time and money gets down to this one simple gift you have given the people you love the most.  It’s the gift of forgetting life’s troubles, not thinking about tomorrow, and for just a few hours, letting everything go.






So, how lucky am I that almost every weekend, I’m asked to document these extraordinary moments!  Here are 3 simple tips to help insure that your gathering’s “dance floor moment” is perfect!


•  Invite people that matter.  Sounds obvious, but your mother wanting her third cousin that you last saw when you were 5 to attend the wedding, isn’t reason enough to add her to the guest list.
Surround yourself with people that put a smile on your face!





•  Keep the bar open. Seriously, if you can’t afford to buy everyone a drink, reduce your guest list until you can. It is simply unacceptable to make your guests pay for their own beverages. Even Emily Post says, “you wouldn’t think of having someone pay for a cocktail in your home, so don’t have them pay for a drink at your wedding.”



•  Choose musical styles that appeal to all.  Regardless of band or DJ, the ability to mix genres will insure everyone form your 17 year old sister, your 32 year old best friend and even your 76 year old Grandpa will find their groove.










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