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Date: October 21, 2016



The Second Shooter…

I really do not like that term. Reminds me of the grassy knoll in Dallas.


Personally, my “second shooters” are anything but second. For example, take my long time friend and photographer Brian Lima. Brian is my go-to assistant for destination weddings. With his ubiquitous eye and quite presence, Brian floats through the wedding day unseen by the family and guests.


His work helps fill in the gaps between the obvious and the over-looked. The fleeting glance, the raised eye brow, the moment of reflection when nobody was looking. Nobody, that is, except Mr. Lima.


Truly one of the best parts of my job is on the flight home from the destination wedding, opening
Brian’s files and reliving all those lost moments.


Aside from the obvious photographic needs, the assistant photographer oversees the whole game plan. Responsibilities include; logistics, transportation, location scouting, shot lists, family dynamics, as well as equipment theft control, image downloading and back up.


Here’s a small sampling from his handy work from weddings at the Four Season’s Maui and
Garza Blanca Resort in Puerto Vallarta.