Baby Cakes in San Diego!

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Date: March 10, 2014


Last week I sent this email to Michele Coulon, the most amazing dessertier in San Diego! Enjoy.




I thought I’d share with you a funny story about my shoot last week with a former bride and her baby Bella.


As you know, they used one of your banana cream cakes for her 1st birthday photo shoot.  It was the typical “baby-smash-cake” photo session.  Rather uneventful, just the basic mess that usually happens.  The mother said, “Paul, you really should have some!”  I replied, “No thanks, that’s OK, I’m not really a desert kind of guy.”


So, little baby Bella, smashed and clawed her way through the cake as I snapped away.  As we were cleaning up the aftermath, I picked off a small “clean” piece of the banana cream and thought, “wow, this is remarkable!”  The rest of the cake was tossed into the studio’s trash can, they said goodbye and that was that.


About an hour later, like an addict needing a fix, I looked down next to my desk into the trash can and saw the cake.  It starred up at me as if to say, “I know you want me, quick, no one is looking!”  I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed a fork, and like a surgeon, a carefully dissected my way through the mess to find untainted remnants of this delicious goo! Ten minutes later, like a compulsive drinker, I polished off the rest of the cake.


So thanks Michele, You truly are the best!   Not since my 7th birthday was I so seduced by a piece of cake.


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Michele Coulon