10 Ways to Keep Your Bridal Party Happy and Remain Friends After the Wedding

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Date: June 1, 2014



Asking your close friends to be a bridesmaid at your wedding can be an honor as well as a dreadful request. Nightmare stories of the demanding bridezilla, an expensive and ill-fitting dress, bad hair styles and uncomfortable shoes can make your best friends want to avoid your phone call.






Here are a few helpful suggestions to not only make your best friends sing your praise, but more importantly maintain your friendships for many years to come.


1. Even numbers don’t matter. Choose your bridesmaids based on the relationship, not because you need to match the number of groomsmen.

2. Be mindful of budgets when choosing the bridesmaid’s dresses. Let’s not assume that everyone can afford couture.

3. Choose bridesmaids dresses that flatter a variety of body types. Yes, that means not everyone will wear the exact same dress. Your friends, no matter their dress size, will be thrilled knowing they will look their best.

4. Take good care of your best friends. Plan ahead for transportation, lodging, extra meals as well as hair & make up appointments. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for everything, but at least make the arrangements.

5. For bridesmaids that are not well acquainted, try to have a get-together prior to the big day. This is a huge icebreaker that will make the wedding photos so much better!

6. Instead of giving your bridesmaids a gift, pick up the tab for their hair & make up, spa treatments, or mani/pedi.

7. Discuss in advance seating arrangements and childcare for your “married with children” bridesmaids. The realization that their children are not on the guest list should not be a wedding day surprise.

8. Rather than picking favorites, consider not choosing a maid/matron of honor.

9. Try not to micromanage. Let your ladies be themselves. Especially in regard to hair, jewelry, & shoes.

10. Keep your bridal party well informed as to the wedding day timeline. They will appreciate knowing ahead of time where to be and at what time.


Most importantly, be gracious and grateful from start to finish. It may sound obvious, but a heartfelt and sincere thank you speaks volumes. It’s not easy being a bridesmaid. It’s costly, time consuming, and sometimes even painful. At the end of the night, your bridesmaids should be sorry to leave the wedding rather than be glad it is over.















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