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Paul Barnett's hand selected team of dedicated photographers and meticulous post- production experts run the studio like clockwork and provide you peerless customer service from your first consultation to the finished product.

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Photographer | Proprietor

One of the many advantages of being the youngest member in a large family is that you are often ignored. While my parents and siblings laughed, cried, argued and tried to gain the upper hand on each other, I watched. A loud and ego-driven set of four older brothers squelched my voice and opinion, helping therefore to hone my skills as an observer of people. I was the fly on my family’s wall. As a photojournalist, no other education was more valuable.

Whenever a newly engaged couple walks through my door, I am excited by the opportunity to meet a new family. A wedding is the synthesis of all things family. It is a combination of the couple’s excited love, the long-standing drama, the new additions, and the sad losses. I love hearing the stories of triumph, then capturing the grandparents that lead the way. I love seeing the newest, chubby baby in front of the entire family cheering and cooing their support. And of course, capturing the couple looking their best-totally in love. I relish the chance to start a relationship with a family for a wedding, and then continue to be a witness to its growth.

The twenty years I’ve been photographing weddings, I have seen big hair, giant bows, grand veils, and over-the-top opulence. I’ve seen the varied popular color schemes, the”hottest” decor, and of course those dresses. All those dresses! From royal elegance, to classic vintage, or to the mere after-thought dress, “screw it, let’s go to Vegas!” What truly matters? In the end, it is the people. You, your family, your close friends. Those few precious moments when we toss our cares aside for just a few hours and enjoy the small group of people we love so much. Those photographs are both priceless and timeless.

Weddings still excite me. Each weekend, as I pack my camera bags, run through my rituals, check lists, and itineraries, I nervously anticipate the next round of human observation. From the deepest love to brutal animosity, each wedding provides a cornucopia of beautiful human emotions. I love my work… I have the best job in the world!

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I am a romantic. I tear up during the father daughter dance, I love a good heartfelt toast by the maid of honor, and I’m always on the hunt for that special look in your eyes.

My love for photography began when I was a young girl growing up in Prague. Some of my fondest childhood memories were discovering old and often forgotten family photos of years past. This enchantment drew me into a world of imagination and adventure and inspired me to share this with others.

This new found passion helped guide my path to wedding photography. In 2005, I came to the United States, a dream come true.

From the first time I meet you, through the engagement session and finally the wrap up meeting a few days before your wedding, I listen and watch carefully to the little things that make you and your fiance so special. It’s all about the little things... those multigenerational candid moments when people are celebrating and having fun. Often it is the smallest detail in one of those shots that can be most telling.

My calendar is filled with wonderful clients that feel the same as I do. My style is energetic, elegant and always positive! I love what I do, and this shows through in my work. Together, let’s make your wedding the most memorable day of your life!

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I wasn’t one of those people that knew what they wanted to do going into college...or while in college...or coming out of college for that matter. I frittered about from one job to another. I spent my time watching dolphin’s jump, training dogs, playing poker, acting / directing live theatre and doing whatever odd this or that I could do to scrape by. I always had a love for photography, but I never considered it as a possibility for a full time profession until a friend asked me if I could do some headshots for them.

“That’s just a picture of your face, how hard could it be?”

From there it snowballed into photographing concerts and other events, and then to weddings shortly after. I got hungry for making amazing images. I have this drive that keeps me constantly learning and refining and reexamining the way I do things to make sure it always looks better than the last time. The work is refined, but remains authentic and organic.

I’m not a fan of the super posey photos. For me the good stuff is found in the small moments. The energy between a father and his daughter when he sees her all done up and in her dress for the first time. It’s in the way a grandmother holds her grandson’s hand during family photos, and it’s in the way old friends laugh with and at each other with absolute abandon during the reception. Those are the shots that stand the test of time.

When I’m not behind the camera I can be found on stage, backstage, on a long nature hike, at the movies, with one or all of my four animals (dog cat rabbit rabbit!) or at some new restaurant trying delicious food for the first time with my amazing fiance.

I feel very lucky to be a photographer. Committing moments, these memories, to a photo has given me away to put my imagination to good use. Creating something tangible that holds such significance for other people is something I’m deeply honored to be doing.

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I never would have thought that I would become a photographer. It turns out that life had different plans than I did. After graduating from SDSU with a film degree, I discovered my love for wedding cinematography and decided to do it full time. Fast forward a number of years and now here I am, a wedding photographer, loving what I do each day.

I cherish the moments spent with my family. Watching my two young boys grow and experience life has been awe-inspiring, scary, and exciting all at the same time. Ferris Bueller said it best, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” One of the reasons I love photography so much is because a photo has the ability to instantly bring us back in time to a particular moment and relive the emotion and joy that it captured.

If I’m not photographing weddings, then I can be found spending my free time on the boat, with friends and family, relaxing in the sun, listening to good music, and wakeboarding.

I love spending time with old friends and making new friends. Getting to know couples and capturing the intimate moments of their special days is incredibly rewarding and I consider myself very fortunate to truly love what I do for a living.

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Janis describes herself as “A Full Fledged Geek”. After a wedding, she can’t wait to dive into her work, so she stays up late downloading her images and pouring over her best shots of the day. As she puts it, “it’s the most satisfying part of my job”!

She might say she’s a geek, but our clients describe her as bubbly, energetic and pure fun from hair & makeup in the bride’s room to the last moment on the dance floor, her positive vibe and good energy never stops.

As a veteran wedding photographer, Janis knows when to jump in and take control or lay back and let the scene unfold naturally.

Telling a deeper story than just lining up the relatives for another dull group shot, Janis brings the best out of a family. With strong family ties in the Philippines, Janis views her role as a documentary photographer as a calling, believing in her heart that family is the most important element in a wedding. Always following her intuition, Janis seeks out the deepest most telling aspects of all who step in front of her lens.


You live your life and we’ll tell your story by never missing the little things; your brother’s goofy smile, your dad’s hands, the look in your best friend’s eyes. We will build a collection of captivating photos that are genuine, unrehearsed and bring to life the small nuances that define us as individuals, close family and good friends.

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The Studio

Our San Diego wedding photography studio has photographers that are seasoned professionals who understand the complexities and nuances of luxury weddings. All of us share the same goal: to give you the most rewarding, relaxed, and pleasurable photography experience, before, during and after the session or event. We pay strict attention to the smallest details, ensuring we exceed your highest expectations.

Our San Diego wedding photography studio is located in the tower suite of San Diego’s historic Mission Brewery Plaza. A fun, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, it serves as the central hub for our photography team. Whether meeting us for the first time, going over the planning for your wedding, photographing your adorable 6-month-old baby, or reviewing album and print design, our studio team is always available to you for expert advice and creative consultation.

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Although based in San Diego, Paul’s team travels the globe shooting destination weddings. Whether your wedding is a local fête or halfway around the world, Paul Barnett is the logical choice for those seeking provocative, emotional, beautiful images shot spontaneously with a sense of humor and humanity.

For more information about our San Diego wedding photography studio please give us a call at 619-285-1207 or contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you