How to get the wedding photos you want and not be disappointed – Wedding Photography San Diego

The Guarantee   A newly engaged bride called me yesterday and we chatted about her wedding.  She was smart, articulate and knew exactly what she did and did not want.  Right off the bat, she hit me with a question that I’ve never be asked. Seriously, in 20 + years as a wedding photographer, I’ve…
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Pre-wedding jitters? Don’t worry. It’s a good thing!
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Almost every bride we work with feels the same knot in their stomach minutes before their wedding ceremony.  And for good reason… It’s not because they don’t want to marry.  It’s simply that they are the “Show”.     Imagine the one or two minutes before you walk down the aisle. Your mind is spinning…
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3 Must-Do’s for Hosting an Epic Wedding Reception

The writer *David Sedaris once said, “every gathering has its moment”.  Wedding receptions certainly have their “moment”.     Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the perfect balance of great music, dynamic lighting, tasty food and perhaps, a couple strong cocktails.  Now imagine yourself and your new life partner on the dance floor…
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Bow wow vow!! What to expect when your best dog friend is part of your wedding day.

  If you’re like me, your dog is more than just a pet. He or she is part of your family. Never judgmental, always supportive, good days or bad days, your dog has been by your side through it all! Increasingly more and more people are including their K9 as part of their wedding ceremony….
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  When I was about 10, my Dad taught me about the Jerk Tax. As my dad explained, the Jerk Tax was money added onto the bill for goods and services for anyone that was unkind or disrespectful. It’s not an exact science—there are exceptions—but on average, throughout the course of a lifetime, if you…
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Tears of Joy at a Stunning Puerto Vallarta Wedding

A wedding is the synthesis of all things family. I’ve said this many times and a recent wedding at The Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta was the perfect example. This multi-generational family from Mexico City gave their 300+ guests three days of love, joy, fun and festivities!   Illana & David exchanged vows poolside on…
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Your Wedding Day and Your Family

It’s been said you can’t pick your relatives, just your friends. With that in mind, I hear the phrase, “My Dysfunctional Family” at least once a month!   Some of my clients are embarrassed by their relative’s weirdness; while many others just embrace the wacky, unpredictable group of people that they call family.  The word “Dysfunctional”…
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Baby Cakes in San Diego!

Last week I sent this email to Michele Coulon, the most amazing dessertier in San Diego! Enjoy.   Michele,   I thought I’d share with you a funny story about my shoot last week with a former bride and her baby Bella.   As you know, they used one of your banana cream cakes for…
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