Why you Should Hire Wedding Professionals San Diego Photography
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The old saying, “You get what you pay for” never rings truer than budgeting for a wedding.   We’ve all heard  nightmare wedding stories. Recently my assistant shared a story of a friend’s wedding she attended in Northern California. It was a summer wedding on a ranch. The theme of the was supposed to have…
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2014 in the review mirror…

One of my favorite “end of the year” activities is choosing a few of my favorite shots from the past 12 months. Easier said than done…Trying to recap 2014 and select a few of our “best” is a tall order! Seriously, it’s like picking your favorite food. Enjoy the images, there were so many more……
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Destination Wedding Photography
_DSC8562  The Second Shooter… I really do not like that term. Reminds me of the grassy knoll in Dallas.   Personally, my “second shooters” are anything but second. For example, take my long time friend and photographer Brian Lima. Brian is my go-to assistant for destination weddings. With his ubiquitous eye and quite presence, Brian...
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How to Keep Your Fiancé Interested (in the Wedding Planning)

  By the time most couples visit my studio for the engagement photo shoot, the bride and groom are deeply entrenched in the wedding planning. The once romantic idea of getting married has turned to seating charts, endless decor, floral and color scheme mock ups, spreadsheets and budgets. It’s very easy for couples to lose sight…
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Tears of Joy at a Stunning Puerto Vallarta Wedding

A wedding is the synthesis of all things family. I’ve said this many times and a recent wedding at The Garza Blanca in Puerto Vallarta was the perfect example. This multi-generational family from Mexico City gave their 300+ guests three days of love, joy, fun and festivities!   Illana & David exchanged vows poolside on…
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Your Wedding Day and Your Family

It’s been said you can’t pick your relatives, just your friends. With that in mind, I hear the phrase, “My Dysfunctional Family” at least once a month!   Some of my clients are embarrassed by their relative’s weirdness; while many others just embrace the wacky, unpredictable group of people that they call family.  The word “Dysfunctional”…
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Baby Cakes in San Diego!

Last week I sent this email to Michele Coulon, the most amazing dessertier in San Diego! Enjoy.   Michele,   I thought I’d share with you a funny story about my shoot last week with a former bride and her baby Bella.   As you know, they used one of your banana cream cakes for…
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Taking a Wedding from Start to Finish

As a professional wedding photographer, I regularly interact with all parties involved in taking a wedding from start to finish: wedding planner, maid of honor, best man, catering staff, hotel special events coordinator, family, friends and of course, the bride and groom themselves. It’s necessary for all the moving parts of a wedding to work…
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