2015 in the Rear View Mirror

Lavish and Beautiful Wedding Photography Ideas of 2015.   As 2015 comes to a close, let’s look back at a few of my favorite images. Choosing my favorites is a bit like asking a 7-year-old to pick out the cutest puppy in the litter.  A daunting task!   Wedding Photo Shot by Paul Barnett Photography…
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Love Rains

The bride’s mother stared out her bedroom window at the pouring rain and under her breath said, “The best laid plans. . . “  This was her only daughter’s wedding day and I could see the disappointment in her eyes. After all, it’s not supposed to rain in San Diego in July!     A…
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2014 in the review mirror…

One of my favorite “end of the year” activities is choosing a few of my favorite shots from the past 12 months. Easier said than done…Trying to recap 2014 and select a few of our “best” is a tall order! Seriously, it’s like picking your favorite food. Enjoy the images, there were so many more……
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Destination Wedding Photography
_DSC8562  The Second Shooter… I really do not like that term. Reminds me of the grassy knoll in Dallas.   Personally, my “second shooters” are anything but second. For example, take my long time friend and photographer Brian Lima. Brian is my go-to assistant for destination weddings. With his ubiquitous eye and quite presence, Brian...
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Hashtags and Selfies: Wedding Day Memories in the 21st Century

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Instant uploads, hashtags and tweets have changed the way we capture the most important events in our lives. Ellen recently took the most epic selfie of all time, breaking the record for most retweeted post ever with her Oscars selfie. Moments after getting engaged, brides share pictures of their engagement ring…
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Bow wow vow!! What to expect when your best dog friend is part of your wedding day.

  If you’re like me, your dog is more than just a pet. He or she is part of your family. Never judgmental, always supportive, good days or bad days, your dog has been by your side through it all! Increasingly more and more people are including their K9 as part of their wedding ceremony….
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10 Ways to Keep Your Bridal Party Happy and Remain Friends After the Wedding

  Asking your close friends to be a bridesmaid at your wedding can be an honor as well as a dreadful request. Nightmare stories of the demanding bridezilla, an expensive and ill-fitting dress, bad hair styles and uncomfortable shoes can make your best friends want to avoid your phone call.         Here…
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5 Tips for Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

  You and your fiancé have decided to plan your wedding in an exotic place, far away from home. Finding the right photographer is critical. Here are a few tips to help avoid the missteps when searching for a photographer to document your destination wedding.   1. No rookies. Many photographers are seduced by the…
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  When I was about 10, my Dad taught me about the Jerk Tax. As my dad explained, the Jerk Tax was money added onto the bill for goods and services for anyone that was unkind or disrespectful. It’s not an exact science—there are exceptions—but on average, throughout the course of a lifetime, if you…
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