Love Rains

The bride’s mother stared out her bedroom window at the pouring rain and under her breath said, “The best laid plans. . . “  This was her only daughter’s wedding day and I could see the disappointment in her eyes. After all, it’s not supposed to rain in San Diego in July!     A…
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How to get the wedding photos you want and not be disappointed – Wedding Photography San Diego

The Guarantee   A newly engaged bride called me yesterday and we chatted about her wedding.  She was smart, articulate and knew exactly what she did and did not want.  Right off the bat, she hit me with a question that I’ve never be asked. Seriously, in 20 + years as a wedding photographer, I’ve…
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Pre-wedding jitters? Don’t worry. It’s a good thing!
san diego wedding photography paul barnett

Almost every bride we work with feels the same knot in their stomach minutes before their wedding ceremony.  And for good reason… It’s not because they don’t want to marry.  It’s simply that they are the “Show”.     Imagine the one or two minutes before you walk down the aisle. Your mind is spinning…
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3 Must-Do’s for Hosting an Epic Wedding Reception

The writer *David Sedaris once said, “every gathering has its moment”.  Wedding receptions certainly have their “moment”.     Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the perfect balance of great music, dynamic lighting, tasty food and perhaps, a couple strong cocktails.  Now imagine yourself and your new life partner on the dance floor…
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It’s Only A Plane Ride Away!

Almost every week I get asked by a newly engaged couple, “Where should we go for the engagement session?”  My answer is always the same… Go somewhere that reflects who you are as a couple. Sounds simple enough yet in most cases, the couple leaves the decision as to where to go, up to me….
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2014 in the review mirror…

One of my favorite “end of the year” activities is choosing a few of my favorite shots from the past 12 months. Easier said than done…Trying to recap 2014 and select a few of our “best” is a tall order! Seriously, it’s like picking your favorite food. Enjoy the images, there were so many more……
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Megan & David


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Rain on your wedding day? It’s not all bad!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were lined up ready to walk down the aisle. The bride and her father were patiently waiting for the wedding planner to cue the musicians. Everything was perfect. Well, almost everything… the weather was not cooperating. We here in Southern California enjoy fantastic weather year round. However, this one particular Saturday…
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Destination Wedding Photography
_DSC8562  The Second Shooter… I really do not like that term. Reminds me of the grassy knoll in Dallas.   Personally, my “second shooters” are anything but second. For example, take my long time friend and photographer Brian Lima. Brian is my go-to assistant for destination weddings. With his ubiquitous eye and quite presence, Brian...
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