Photography became a truly serious part of my life about 10 years ago. I wish I could pinpoint the exact moment that something clicked (hah); It might have been when an actor friend asked if I could do headshots…or it might have been when I went through 20 rolls of film while on vacation. In any event, I knew going forward that this was my thing… that this would take up most of my time… that this would be a huge part of my life. I didn’t really have to force it, it just felt right.


I would spend the next two years fervently learning everything I could about digital photography, as it was just then getting truly huge. I shot like mad. I assisted other photographers for free, I did backyard weddings, huge church weddings, tiny beach weddings. I worked on big budget commercial shoots and tiny “we’ll trade you in pizza” shoots. Whatever I could get my hands on to hone my skill, I would do it.

Fast forward ten years and I’m still doing that. Still looking for every opportunity to keep getting better, albeit in a much more refined and focused way. I’m not satisfied with being a good photographer, it’s my intention to be the best photographer. I’m constantly critiquing myself and looking at what I can do better and how. To that effect, I draw a lot on my time in theatre. Being able to read and understand a person’s wants and motivations has helped me to anticipate moments before they happen. Spatial awareness, study of body language and movement has influenced the way I move through an event in order to get the best shot possible at any given time. A wedding, much like a play, has an ephemeral nature to it… moments are both many and fleeting; you need to be ready to capture them if you want to have any hope of connecting with your audience. Finding truth in that brief instance, a genuine human connection, is what a good play and a good photograph have most in common.


My main goal when photographing people is to connect the genuine person to the photograph that’s left behind. The last thing anyone wants is to see a picture of themselves and think “That’s not me.” One of my favorite (and most important) parts of the process is when we get to sit down before your wedding and find that authentic you that I’ll be showcasing in your images.


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