Rebecca is a  vital part of the Barnett team. With a BA in fine art photography,  Rebecca is the complete photographer. An expert in album layout and design she works with our clients every step of the way, bringing to life the images that tell the wedding’s complete story.


Choosing your favorite shots to fill your album is a daunting task.
Rebecca makes it easy and fun! With the use of interactive software she guides you through the process page by page. From tiny details to the big picture, Rebecca’s page designs are filled with balanced compositions, color harmony, and interesting juxtaposition.

Rebecca also understands the nuances of our client’s families. All those little things that make your family unique. The end result is the perfect keepsake for many generations to enjoy.


“My favorite shots to capture at a wedding are those moments before the ceremony.  It’s the only part of the day the bride and groom spend apart. From seeing the groom interact with his nieces and nephews to the bride and her best friend giggling over an old college story. These are the journalistic moments I look for both while photographing and designing the pages.”