Your Family’s
Documentary Photographer

There you are with your family, paddling down the Snake River.  White water in your face, heart pumping, laughing,  screaming, completely in the moment.  Later that evening as the sun sets, you and your loved ones are relaxing at the cabin.  Before you go to sleep that night, you say to yourself, “remember this day,  it was the best”!


Whether it be a family reunion in the States, or an exotic getaway half way around the world, Paul’s ubiquitous eye captures  your loved ones as well as the environment that you wish you could take home.

A sunrise that takes your breath away, your children experiencing sea turtles, or you and your husband on a jet ski for the first time.  On horseback, deep sea fishing, a Zip Line, or  just laughing with your family around a campfire, Paul’s lens is nearby documenting everything.  Paul mixes his trademark photojournalism with stunning environmental photography.


As your family grows, these images go from beautiful to priceless!   Call the studio and speak to Paul.  It’s more affordable than you may think, it’s not complicated, and the results will last for generations!

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