Brian Lima’s background in photography spans over two decades, first as a music photographer. A college student with a camera in the mid-90’s, Brian’s early work at music festivals earned him a reputation as a fast and trusted photographer that could “get the shot” in less than perfect conditions.


Commissioned to photograph music legends such as Bono, Iggy Pop, The Beastie Boys, Pearl Jam, and Beck,  just to name a few,  Brian’s fast, quiet, no frills approach has allowed him access to his client’s most private and heartfelt moments.  Whether a few minutes with the Bride and Groom just after the ceremony, or backstage portraits of
legends like Arlo Guthrie or Pete Seeger.

Not many photographers, especially wedding photographers, can do their job undetected . A true photojournalist, Brian is one of those rare individuals that can enter a room, take the perfect image, and leave without bringing any unnecessary attention to himself.


Recent projects include traveling with and documenting the Dalai Lama’s recent visits to the United States, and as one of the principle photographers at the Newport Folk Festival.


He is a perfect match for those seeking a wedding photographer with a quiet and gentle approach.  Brian is discreet and a master at using available light.  His photographs tap in and feed off of the energy of his subjects allowing for timeless, heart felt imagery to be created.


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