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The Guarantee


A newly engaged bride called me yesterday and we chatted about her wedding.  She was smart, articulate and knew exactly what she did and did not want.  Right off the bat, she hit me with a question that I’ve never be asked. Seriously, in 20 + years as a wedding photographer, I’ve never been asked, “How can I be assured that I won’t be disappointed when I see my wedding photos”? She went on to say that having bad photos was her biggest wedding concern and she wanted some sort of reassurance.


Failing to deliver on the promises I make to our clients in not something I do, so I was a bit dumbfounded at the question. I answered it as best I could, citing my expertise, technique, equipment etc, but after we hung up I sat back and really thought about the promises I and my photographers make, and how we seem to always exceed the client’s expectations.


If you are in the midst of planning your wedding, and you want a guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with your wedding photos, here are a few tips that will help:


Let’s assume you’ve done your homework. You’ve checked references, read the reviews, spoke to a friend that also used the same photographer, etc. Let’s also assume you know exactly who will be the assigned photographer.  You’re happy with this person’s style and personality and the cost is appropriate for your budget.
•    First, have an open and candid discussion with your photographer.  Do not make assumptions, and keep in mind that redundancy is better than error.

•    Identify those shots that mean the most to you. Think in terms of what you want to see both now and in years to come.

•    With the help of your wedding planner and/or photographer, map out a time line that allows time and space to photograph the wedding party, family, as well as just you and your beloved.
Take into consideration transportation, weather, traffic, daylight and sunset times.

•    Although I don’t recommend asking your photographer to replicate the images you’ve saved on your Pinterest board, there’s nothing wrong with sending a few images that portray what you love to see in wedding photographs. The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words certainly applies.

•    Insist on doing an engagement session. It’s a great way to build confidence, establish a relationship and start a constructive dialog with your photographer.

•    A week or so prior to the wedding date, discuss who are the key family and friends. Also at that time discuss black & white/color preferences, Photoshop needs and expected delivery date of the final product.


Lastly, the wedding photography business is no different than any other professional service in that, you get what you pay for. If you hire a discount wedding photographer, whose reputation is less than ideal, don’t be surprised if the results are disappointing.


Below are a few images over the last few months that were listed by my clients as “priority, must have shots” in my notes.




Wedding Photography San Diego

The mother of the bride, said “I want to see the grounds of the Grand Del Mar, not just the inside of the ballroom”



Wedding Photography San Diego

The groom mentioned he and his friends were all Michigan grads. Go Blue!



Wedding Photography San Diego
The bride told me in one of our first meetings that aside from the groom, she loved her shoes and cake.



Wedding Photography San Diego

My notes said, “Groom’s signature cocktail”



Wedding Photography San Diego

I was told at the final wrap up meeting, “keep an eye out for these two guys… they have a signature dance move”



Wedding Photography San Diego

Seems obvious, but when the mother of the bride says, “I want a really great shot of my extended family” you have to make it happen!



Wedding Photography San Diego

According to the mother of the bride, The dad and his daughters are very close. “Please she said, “Get something that shows the love between them”



Wedding Photography San Diego

The bride’s father said, “I want documented proof that people had a great time!”



Wedding Photography San Diego

The bride said to me, “We choose the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. because this is where my grandmother took me to see my first of many ballets.”



Wedding Photography San Diego

The bride said,” My mom and I are never serious. If we stop laughing we’ll cry.”


Wedding Photography San Diego

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