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My Favorite Wedding of 2017

As a professional wedding photographer, I’m lucky!  I’ve been fortunate to witness the best of the best weddings over the past 20+ years. San Diego has emerged as a year-round wedding mecca for those seeking perfect climate, beautiful venues and many of the best wedding professionals in the country!


2018 has begun, and as I look back at the weddings we shot last year, one wedding in particular stands out and get’s my vote for the best wedding in 2017.


Meet Erin & David.  A quiet, elegant couple with a romantic old world vibe. They’re the type of people that think deeply about their lives and future. Sure, their wedding was beautiful, elegant, you could even say “perfect,” but what made this wedding stand out to me was their selflessness. Everything about their wedding was geared towards hospitality, comfort and care for their family and friends.



ErinDavid17_020 ErinDavid17_032 ErinDavid17_052 ErinDavid17_102 ErinDavid17_118 ErinDavid17_130 ErinDavid17_203 ErinDavid17_206 ErinDavid17_213 ErinDavid17_340 ErinDavid17_347


ErinDavid17_358 ErinDavid17_364 ErinDavid17_366 ErinDavid17_382



250 guests enjoyed the exclusive Rancho Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe.  Beyond the 5 star service, amazing cuisine, and luxurious accommodations, this resort, much like Erin and David carries a vibe of understated refinement.


ErinDavid17_683 ErinDavid17_676


ErinDavid17_594 ErinDavid17ErinDavid17_700ErinDavid17_592 ErinDavid17_545 ErinDavid17_345 ErinDavid17_164ErinDavid17_801ErinDavid17_794ErinDavid17_094


In spite of the “no expense spared” feel, the reason why this wedding was my favorite of 2017 was the people. Every moment of the day and evening as I looked through my camera, all I saw was happy, smiling, laughing people, thrilled to be a part of the celebration. There were only A-list guests.  In the end, it’s the only thing that truly matters.


ErinDavid17_239ErinDavid17_570ErinDavid17_421ErinDavid17_488 ErinDavid17_115ErinDavid17_489ErinDavid17_479

ErinDavid17_555 ErinDavid17_749 ErinDavid17_785 ErinDavid17_811 ErinDavid17_818 ErinDavid17_882 ErinDavid17_091ErinDavid17_932 ErinDavid17_937 ErinDavid17_981




A big round of applause to these rock stars that made it all happen!




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